Frequently Asked Questions

General information
What is Champ or Hero ?
ChampOrHero is a web platform dedicated to bring together people, organizations and sponsors, creating a network of win-win setups. We bring together people with purpose and with needs. We encourage you to move. No… We dare you to move.
What are the rules ?
The rules are simple:
  1. Select a Campaign you want to support.
  2. Make a pledge. 
  3. Move. 
  4. Discover if you’re a Champion or not.
Afterwards you can help, but you’re not forced to. We only offer you the chance to become a Hero. In the end, it’s all up to you.
Account setup
How to add distance to Champ or Hero account?
Champ or Hero allows you to manually add daily distances or to automatically sync from Google Fit, Garmin Connect or Fitbit.
How can i donate?
Donations through the site is not possible at the moment. You can donate either directly by using the bank information displayed on the campaign or on the campaigns external page.

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